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1. High voltage comparator using sliding input low voltage devices - 2008 (pdf)

2. Tracking soft start circuit for generating a plurality of soft start voltages where all soft start voltages are prevented until all have been brought to the same prescribed state of operation - 2006 (pdf)

3. Current limiting circuit with rapid response feedback loop - 2006 (pdf)

4. High voltage differential amplifier using low voltage devices - 2005 (pdf)

5. High voltage buffer for submicron CMOS - 2002 (pdf)

6. Direct temperature sensing of a semiconductor device semiconductor device - 2000 (pdf)

7. Bandgap reference voltage circuit with PTAT current source - 2000 (pdf)

8. Folded analog signal multiplier circuit - 1999 (pdf)

9. Circuit for generating a trapezoidal current waveform with matched rise and fall times - 1990 (US patent:pdf , European Patent:pdf)